Saturday, February 7, 2009

Celebrating 5 Years, Our Sister Store and YOU...

Red Chair celebrated it's 5th year on October 1, 2008. WOW, time flies when you're having fun! It is an achievement that I am quite proud of. I am eternally grateful to all of YOU who have, shopped, loved, embraced and supported this adventure. In the Spring of 2007, Red Chair was joined by a sister store (next door) Estate of eNVy. Another exciting adventure and addition to our offerings, as well as to Reno! I started out over three years ago selling a mid-century modern fashioned designer furniture and accessory line through Red Chair only to find that it was SO popular and unique to the area that when the space next to Red Chair became available for the 4th time in my 3 years of business - I finally decided it MUST be a sign. So, I spread my wings right through the 2x4's and sheetrock. The two stores are adjoined and are members of the same family, but they are certainly not twins. Estate of eNVy is a climate change and very different from it's predecessor Red Chair, which I often describe as an eclectic mix of everything! New and "Well Aged" furniture and home decor, accessories, to clothing and jewelry, gifts and entertaining accoutrements. The sister store, Estate of eNVy offers truly beautiful furnishings. The attraction beyond the beauty is the price and the value that it offers. The furnishings are all NEW, from one unique and quality source, and are slight seconds (You probably wouldn't even have known)..... at a fraction of what they normally retail for. Why the two names? Well, Red Chair is unique, quirky and ever so fun..... Estate of eNVy is two fold: furnishings that create home envy and NV/ Nevada = Estate of Nevada. We live here, we call Nevada home, and home is "Our Estate", and as the Glenn Group coined, "WE LOVE THIS PLACE!" (see picture). We are not trying to be something we are not. Nor do we need to be. Reno is hip and cool and has MUCH to offer. After living in LA and NYC for 5 years, it was my hope to help infuse Reno with some of that flair. Believe me when I say bigger cities have nothing on The Biggest Little City (and we'll always have better air). Which leads me right into Enviro and being Green. The Red Chair and Estate of eNVy family love to RECYCLE. We do this by offering great old and new goods in our East wing and new, slight 2nds in our West wing. Doing our part to protecting our limited landfills. We also support keeping it local as we have original one of a kind treasures from our more than 20 local artists. And, an average of 60% or more of the purchase price goes back to the artist. I truly love and believe in supporting local art and artists. So, if items from the artists are purchased at a discount or on sale, you get the saving and the artist gets their share. The discount comes out of my bottom line never the artists. That way my customers have a greater opportunity to enjoy one of the Things I LOVE (see my what makes life a little better list) original art, at an affordable price. OK, I am going there... It's my "stimulus package" for the art lovers of Reno. It's the way I have always done business even before the economy tanked. Thus the inspiration for next blog topic: "It's all good in the new year. GO 2009!" I have never formally been a cheerleader, but those who know me, know I am a cheerleader for causes and people that I believe in and care about. (See my arena @ 6135 Lakeside Drive Studios 135 & 137). YOU inspire me, I choose the inventory that I think will inspire you and guess what? It's all in one place. Lucky You and Lucky Me, as I love what I do! (Again reference my list of things I LOVE) i.e., Buying trips without an agenda. The art of the hunt. I love the hunt for a bargain or hidden gem.... I know you do too, but since time is the most precious asset for many of you, I make it my job for you! I save you time and will even bring it to you at your home. If you think buying trips sound like more fun than shopping in my stores, YOU ARE RIGHT (But I'll refrain from bragging. Shhh... They are so fun). Actually they are equal fun for YOU and a lot cheaper (sans travel, meals, gas, & time) when you shop on Lakeside, just ask one of our many treasured and loyal customers. Well enough about us... Our great health & positive success is all attributed to YOU. You make us who we are and really everyday is Valentine's day here! I Love my customers, clients, friends and family. So, Thank you for giving me so much to celebrate!



Be My Guest.... For the Red Chair & Estate of eNVy's Valentine's Soiree

In Appreciation and in Celebration of YOU,
Join me at the Red Chair & Estate of eNVy's Valentine's Soiree
There is no better time to express my love and appreciation for you!

The evening will include:
Yummy Appetizers, Tasty Cocktails: Beer, Wine and Spiked Valentine's Punch.

You are encouraged to enjoy the healing hands of one of my favorite masseuses Davin Tustin, LMT Courtesy of Soak Nail Spa offering free chair massages.

Find that something special for your Valentine:
  • all RED CHAIR inventory will be 15% off and
  • all Estate of eNVy inventory will be 10% off

Soak Nail Spa is also Offering Valentine's Specials:
  • $100 for a standard Pedicure and 50 minute deep tissue massage or a,
  • 5o Minute Massage for $40 for first time Soak Massage Customers.
  • Gift cards will be available at Red Chair.
Who: Valued Friend (We love seeing our old friends and making new friends. Bring along your Valued Friends!)
When: Thursday ~ February 12th., 2009 Time: 5-7:30PM
Where: RED CHAIR & Estate of eNVy
6135 Lakeside Drive Studios 135-137, Reno, NV 89511
Contact: 775.770.0111
Host: Aaryn Walker (Owner)

RSVP to Valentine's Sioree: Feb 12th

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